Thursday, January 10, 2013

Is Coffee Worth More Than Gold?

Price of Coffee
Is Coffee Worth More Than Gold?

Don't worry, Coffee doesn't cost more than gold yet, but it is not really that much of a stretch.  The world is addicted to coffee and if it ever becomes scarce, then the price will shoot through the roof.  The industry is worth more than $15 Billion a year and not even gold fever compares.

Thank God nothing is going on in the world that could make coffee scarce, or is there?  No matter what you think of global warming the fact is that something is going on with the climate that is putting a strain on coffee growers.  That strain?  Real Estate.

Let's just chalk it up to changing weather patterns but whatever the cause,these changes are effecting the places where our coffee comes from.  If farmers don't take steps to future proof their grows, the world will go through total coffee withdrawl within approximately 65 years.  Don't believe me? Read what the sciency people have to say about it.  (registration required)