Saturday, January 5, 2013

Flavia Packets

Flavia Packets
Flavia Coffee Packet
Flavia Coffee Packets have been one of the most popular single cup home brewing options so far in 2013 and it may surprise you because Flavia Packets are not K Cups!

I can't tell you how many times of heard of people buying Flavia Packets and wondering why they look   weird and do not fit into their keurig brewers.  I guess it isn't funny if you've spent money on them so if you don't know what they are, pay attention.

The first thing to wrap your head around is that fact that Flavia Packets are not instant coffee.  I know it seems that way but this is actually fresh brewed coffee and that's what makes this so neat.

You can see from the photo that these coffee packets are bags that contain fresh ground coffee and a coffee filter.  Technically it works the same way as drip coffee but for just one cup.

When air hits the open pack pressurized water is forced into the bag and the coffee is brewed inside.  It   flows out of the bottom of the packet right through the filter into your cup.

It's important to note that the coffee goes from packet to cup.  It never even touches the brewer.  Therefore it is sanitary and mess free.  But the best part is that these flavia packets are inexpensive and taste great!